Celluloid Diaries: Interview at Words In Sync

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Interview at Words In Sync

I had a great time answering questions for the lovely Shah Wharton over at Words In Sync. It turned out to be a rather philosophical interview about life in general and my work as an author/screenwriter. Here's some of the questions and answers. The rest of the interview can be found at the Words In Sync website.

Do you have a mantra or motto?

Become your dream.

 Become Your Dream

What is your favorite cuisine?

Anything extremely spicy.

Spicy Goulash

What do you most value in your friends?

Their willingness to love me the way I am.

Jennifer Vangindertael

How much of your creative ability do you think is innate and how much is learned?

That's an interesting question. I believe that every creative ability starts with passion. From then on, you get better with time and practice. I once read that it takes about 1,000 hours to become competent at any skill, about 5,000 hours to master any skill and between 25,000 and 35,000 hours to become world class. Having a great mentor and being focused greatly speeds up this process.

Salvatore Ferragamo's Il Borro

What was the last movie you went to see?

A Danish movie called Beast, about a love relationship that becomes so obsessive that it externalizes in a Cronenbergian way.

Christoffer Boe's Beast

If you had a license to brag, what would you brag about?

I would brag about my cat Avalon. This sweet, neurotic cat is the star in his own web comic. He also 'acts' in the movies I wrote.

Cat Comics

What's your idea of total happiness?

Happiness equals freedom - being free to do whatever I want to do and whenever I want to do it. Happiness is also spending time with the people I love, attending film festivals, eating out, enjoying the sun and cuddling my cat.

Santorini Greece

Your turn... Take one of the above questions and answer it in the comment section below. Looking forward to reading your answers ;-) 

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  1. great post:) lovely to hear more about you!!:) I have a new post now and I would love to what you think about it:)


  2. such a great interview… friends, movies, food. Could it get any better

  3. I have a mantra - "and all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well" It gets me through any rough spot or worry and I think it's comforting in its repetition

    I stopped by from the friendly followers hop and I'm happy I did as I got a little food for thought from your post.

  4. Following you everywhere - thanks for linking up at Friendly Followers this week! Hope to see you again :)

  5. The last movie I saw was Madagascar with my dauhter

  6. Love this!!!! :-)

  7. I love Santorini! One of my favorite places ever. :) Stopping by from the train blog hop. I see you have giveaway listings. Sassy Shopper Reviews is doing a SweetPeaMaternity.com Gift Card givewaway if you're interested! Great post, have a fantastic week. :)

  8. My idea of total happiness. Being where that picture was taken would be a good start!

    Visiting from Friendly Followers. New follower on G+ (https://plus.google.com/117146120519608211142/posts#117146120519608211142/posts).

    Hope you'll stop by Journeys of The Zoo for a visit, laugh and giveaways. You're always welcome at The Zoo.

    P.S. Congrats on the accolades for your books.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  9. thanks for comment at my blog:))


  10. Found you from Welcome Wednesday and I'm now following :) I think it's so awesome that you've got two books published. I edited my friend Gabbie's book and she just signed the release to have it published! Keep living your dreams :)

    @ jerseyflowerse.blogspot.com

  11. Hey - visiting via the Welcome Wednesday Hop :)

    Love your mantra quote :)


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  15. Hey ... congrats on your success :) And I have had many mantra's over the years ... I probably need to find a new one! Anyhoo, I've been on Mars for two months but I am back now - hope your summer is going fabulously! "Talk" soon! BTW, if you get the chance to stop by I'd love your input on what I posted about!

  16. I love your mantra - become your dream, thats lovely. We always say - why wait till its too late, following our decision to live our dream of starting our own bookshop :-) xx Thanks for popping over the Weekly Book Blog Hop xx

  17. Great interview. I love seeing how other people think and write.

  18. great pics <3 ps: love the sentence "become your dream" :D

  19. brag
    i am winner and then i read up to 4 a week books that it and then i injoy the hops

  20. Favorite cuisine - Thai

  21. Follow GFC
    Seyma S.

  22. I mantra's change as needed...I think it's really important to have one! Great blog, now following you via the blog hop and would love a follow back. All the best! Monica

  23. I wwould definately brag about my ability to recite over twenty Disney movies nearly word for word. Even though I haven't seen some of them in fifteen or so years.

  24. What was the last movie you went to see?



  25. How much of your creative ability do you think is innate and how much is learned?

    A lot of it is innate because you look at things differently and creatively than other people, some is learned because you can always learn a new creative skill. Most of creativity is just being able to be open to new ideas.

  26. The last movie I seen was Brave with my granddaugther and husband.
    It was a great movie and my granddaughter loved it.

  27. if i had a license to brag,i would brag about my two little darling children and my sweet kind loving wife!!! mdg891972@hotmail.com

  28. The Literary DarlingJuly 27, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    What a great interview! It's hard to imagine a sweet faced beautiful woman like you could write some gruesome and scary horror stories! I am on my way to amazon after this to check out your stuff!

  29. I would brag about my daughter and my books that I am writing.


  30. My personal motto: Tell the ones you love how you feel. They may not feel the same, but at least then you will know. Since tomorrow is promised to no one, don't let you silence be your source of regret.
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