Celluloid Diaries: Jack Everett Gives 5 Stars To The Strangers Outside

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jack Everett Gives 5 Stars To The Strangers Outside

Jack EverettJack Everett, author of the novel 1/1: Jihad - Britain, reviewed The Strangers Outside and gave it 5 stars.

“In this novella size story Vanessa Morgan has created an atmosphere of tension worthy of Stephen King. Written with pace it jangles the nerves from a short way in to its end. Who are these dark people? What is their intent? Where can they hide from them? How can they escape? With each question the tension mounts making you want to find out yet at the same time not wanting to find out. This is a story delivered with expertise. I expect to hear more of this entertaining author.”


  1. I'm very curious now! Can't wait to read it ;-)

  2. my sisters read this book, very good apparently. A creepy classic tale

  3. I am happy to find this post. Now I want to read this book. It will be nice.

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  6. In "The Strangers Outside," tension and mystery dance together in a cosmic dance. Give this gripping story a perfect five stars from Jack Everett, and he invites you to venture into undiscovered realms of the human mind.The Strangers Outside" invites you to embark on a cosmic adventure where every page is a portal to thrilling meetings with the mysterious and the unfamiliar. Unravel the threads of intrigue as you discover the unexpected, the unexplained, and the remarkable.