Celluloid Diaries: David Cronenberg expo in Amsterdam

Friday, September 5, 2014

David Cronenberg expo in Amsterdam


Being a fan of David Cronenberg from a very early age (I even made my university thesis about him), I just had to take a trip to Amsterdam to attend the David Cronenberg exhibition in the The Eye.

What made this exhibition so special is that it focused on the props from all of his movies (both preliminary and actual ones): costumes such as the one that kept Rosanna Arquette together in Crash or Sarah Gadon's dress in A Dangerous Method, fake body parts, monsters, weapons, and much more.

Hereunder are some favorites...

...such as Carol Spier's mock advertisement for Ephemerol, a drug used to suppress telepathic powers in David Cronenberg's movie Scanners (1981).

Ephemerol Scanners

T-shirts from Cronenberg's racing movie, Fast Company (1979). The film is virtually unknown, probably because it doesn't contain any of Cronenberg's recognizable horror or psychological elements.

Fast Company

Fake article in the Toronto Sun about the dwarf murders in my favorite David Cronenberg movie, The Brood (1979).

Bizarre second Kelly murder

Videodrome (1983) was well-represented at the David Cronenberg exhibition in Amsterdam. Here you see a design for Debbie Harry' dress, the famous hand-coming-out-of-a-TV prop, an advertisement for Max Renn's TV station Civic-TV, and the belly in which the VHS tape disappears.

David Cronenberg exhibition Amsterdam
Civic TV
Videodrome prop

The Fly (1986) was my very first David Cronenberg film. Here's the fly's head, a preliminary maquette of the teleportation pod, and the actual pod as seen in the movie.

The Fly David Cronenberg
The Fly maquette
Pod from The Fly

Until we meet again, Mugwump.

Mugwump Naked Lunch

For my traveling cat pictures from Amsterdam, go here.


  1. How awesome! Also a big Cronenberg fan. Videodrome was my first in the theater. (I think I watched The Brood at about the same time.) He was just the right amount of weird and dug his acting stint in Nightbreed.

  2. That last photo is TOO funny! I enjoy David Cronenberg's movies too. I just watched "A Dangerous Method" last weekend. He never disappoints. And may I just say as an aside, my gawd, Michael Fassbender has beautiful eyes.

  3. The Fly was one creepy movie! Great pictures!

  4. That looks like a fantastic exhibition. I love seeing the original concepts of things, and how they become the final.

  5. His movies are ones you don't forget. I can't believe you kissed that guy, Vanessa.

  6. He did an amazing job with The Fly. It's not my type of movie, generally, but I really liked it because of his great work.

    Regarding the last photo: He's kind of cute - deep dark eyes. But I hope for your sake that there was no tongue action.

    Have a nice weekend, Vanessa.

  7. You're mighty brave, kissing that thing!

  8. Neen dank je, dat ding ga ik echt niet kussen :-) !

  9. I'm afraid of re-watching the fly, because it was so freaky in the 80's, but most 80's movies through the eyes of 2014 just suck, unfortunately,

    1. The Fly stands the test of time and still holds up superbly nowadays. And with the hd tv's we have now, the details in the make-up really show and make it even creepier to watch, than in the '80s. :-)

  10. Fun post! I love his movies!
    I love the last picture! Too cute ;o)

  11. Wow, these are some interesting things!

  12. That is amazing! Talk about having loads of talent.

  13. Cool exhibit. I've enjoyed several of his movies.

  14. That has to be the worst kiss ever! :) So jealous you got to see this exhibition. Thanks for bringing it to us. :)


  15. Oh wow. Looks like a pretty neat little event going on.

  16. EEEEKKKK!!!!! That thing is scary looking!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. That is SO cool! We visited the Warner Bros. lot while we were in L.A. and took the backstage tour. I loved seeing all the props. They even had a prop shop where people from the shows and movies that film/tape on the lot could come by and pick out items. Some of the props had tags on them for various shows, where they were being saved to be used on those shows.

  18. Cool photos. I remember The Fly. I watched it multiple times.

  19. Great photos! I've seen The Fly -- now I need to check out the others.

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