Celluloid Diaries: Urbex - Spooky hotel in Spa

Friday, February 21, 2014

Urbex - Spooky hotel in Spa

Hotel du golf Spa

Whilst spending New Year’s Eve in Spa, Belgium, I stumbled upon an urbex site I hadn’t heard of before: the spooky Hôtel du Golf.

As I moved through the domain to explore, a slight winter breeze made the curtains flutter polyphonically along with the the clacking of the windows against their frames.

Inside the hotel, some rooms had been daubed by decay, whereas others still bore witness to a lively past. Menus, glasses and ashtrays sat on the bar, exactly where they had been ten years ago. Files had been left inside their bookcases, and computers on their desks. One could easily imagine the staff working the administration in their respective cubicles, or tourists enjoying an apéritif in the lounge, soft music in the background, the smell of cigarettes and lime wafting through the air.

It’s the life inside the decay that makes urbex so fascinating in my opinion. Just as with a dying body, there’s still a heart pumping inside the place, there’s still blood moving through its veins, though so weak it can easily be denied.

The municipality of Spa isn’t too pleased with this spooky hotel in the midst of their wellness attractions. However, the true heart of the city, together with all its souvenirs, are more present here than anywhere else in town.

What do you think of this spooky hotel in Spa? Are you a fan of urbex?

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  1. I think it is really amazing. If the city doesn't like the way it looks, fix it up and make it an attraction. That building is too cool to tear down.

  2. I think it would be great to restore. It's a shame it's so wrecked inside.

  3. What a fabulously inspiring place. And I love the pictures. Haunting. It helps that the sky appears to be grey too. X


  4. What a beautiful place. I agree with the others. It'll be a great loss to just tear it down...

  5. I'm surprised that there are things left inside this house, considering how many people seem to have crashed and trashed. You say there are glasses and computers left inside? I would have loved to see more pictures of those!

  6. We have such spooky deserted old palaces here too! Beautiful for taking photos and shooting videos, but also sad reminders of decay and ephemera

  7. Should be restored indeed, all that mess disturbs my ocd lol

  8. It's such a beautiful place. I'm surprised it's been left to rot. That's so sad. :(

  9. Thanks for teaching me a new word today -- "urbex." But I gotta tell ya, it gives me the willies.

  10. I agree with Alex. I am surprised there is so much left behind inside the building.

    Urbex is a new word to me.

  11. It's too bad, that it has been destroyed inside. I would love to see it kept as it was, and have it open for tours. It's a gorgeous spot!

  12. ✿•̃‿•̃✿
    Hello chère Vanessa !!!
    Ce devait être un très bel endroit !
    Ce lieu mériterait une belle restauration.
    BON DIMANCHE !!!! ❤
    BISOUS et encore merci pour ce partage !!!!

  13. THe outside is beautiful! But the inside is so sad….

  14. I love these pictures because they get my imagination going! How spooky and lovely at the same time. The outside really looks great, just needs a little work. The inside has a lot of stories to tell. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  15. I love the exterior... gorgeous detail and such distinct character...
    The interior? Not cool at all...
    Writer In Transit

  16. I think it's gorgeous! The day was perfect for taking pictures, it looks like. The only thing that makes me sad is all the graffiti inside. Sad. It gets my writing brain going to see all those possible stories. I would have loved walking through it as well. It's a gorgeous building!

  17. It actually looks glamorous, unless you bring us closer...and then inside. You lead an intriguing life, Vanessa. Thanks for taking us along some of your journeys.


  18. Me encanta tu bloc ha sido un placer visitarlo, te invito a mi blog, y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  19. I love it and would love to tour the place!!

  20. Oh my that is one creepy building. From the looks of it, it must have been really beautiful at one point in time.

  21. It does look creepy, but it can be beautified. I was surprised by the graffiti, but I guess that's what happens to empty or abandoned places.

  22. Wat een verloedering! Maar spooky is het zeker en je foto's zijn schitterend!

  23. Okay this is awesome! If you like this stuff check out atlasobscura.com. It has the creepiest, awesomest stuff ever!

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)

  24. ✿•̃‿•̃✿

    Bonjour chère Vanessa ❤ !!!
    Je passe toujours sur ton blog avec grand plaisir.

    GROS BISOUS d'Asie et bonne continuation !

  25. I looks like a grand old place where Dad says he would like to camp out overnight to see if any beastie or ghosite goes bump
    Not us
    We will stay home thank you

  26. When you went did you find it hard to enter? Any watch outs??? Other than potential watchouts (other creepy crawlies or ghosts) :) like guards? I hear it is still there as of today (Marc h 2015) and was planning on visiting soon.

    1. The Hôtel du Golf was easy to enter. No guards. I wouldn't go to the upper floors, though. Too dangerous. Have fun, and let me know how it went ;-)

  27. Do you know if it is still abondend? :)

  28. Hello, as a child I used to spend every short holiday (one week in febr. and 1 week in nov.) at Golfhotel. These holidays are my most beautiful memories of my childhood. It was in the years '80 -'90. It was simply beautiful. The pictures of how it looks now wreck my heart a little bit to be honest. It feels a bit like the Titanic story now. Anyway, I never saw a hotel this one ever again, it was a stunning combination of warmth, familiarity (is that a word?:-/) and luxury. Also the cuisine was amazing. The menu for the whole week was revealed at the board at the reception. Every breakfast, souper and diner was of star-award level :-)
    Felt like letting you know. My kind regards to you all!

    1. Hi, also used to stay here! Saw it empty a couple of times, really sad to see. Unfortunately the whole thing burned down a few years ago.

  29. the end of this beautiful building

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