Celluloid Diaries: Favorite moments from the past few weeks

Monday, March 11, 2013

Favorite moments from the past few weeks

Un homme bien

I'm sure you already heard, but if you didn't, Un homme bien (the French film adaptation of my screenplay A Good Man) is finally moving forward. But not quite in the way I'd expected. Seems that there's not going to be just one film, but... two. The production of the feature film had come temporarily to a halt after a couple of shooting days and the director has now turned the existing footage into a short film. I haven't seen the result just yet, but the film will premiere at the prestigious Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival on April 12 and will then be shown at Cannes. If you're curious about the story, you can read the screenplay on Amazon (ENG) and Smashwords (FR).

It's been snowing here in Belgium over the past few weeks and my way of dealing with the cold is going to a coffee shop to write and blog. One of my favorites is Or in Brussels. It's always warm in there, not too crowded and their chai tea latte is out of this world good.

Even though I love to work from coffee shops, most of my days were still spent writing and blogging from home, covered in a blanket, my cat Avalon close to me, vanilla candles and hot drinks for the mood... I'm a lucky girl.

Restaurant Ricotta et Parmesan

A movie date followed by an Italian dinner...

Coffee Company

This place serves the most delicious gingerbread latte. My love and I have been going there every Sunday over the past few weeks to treat ourselves to this deliciousness.

I'll be spending the rest of the month at the Offscreen film festival in Brussels. Come by and say hello if you have the chance ;-)

What were the highlights of your life lately?


  1. Carnaval!! Le laetare at the moment ( uintil tomorrow) but with the snow i prefer to stay warm inside so nothing really that specuial to mention

  2. The most merry part of my past few weeks was celebrating my favorite little 5 year old’s birthday. My little nephew is getting so big!

  3. Love love love this one!

  4. You sure Are a very lucky girl. Love those snapshots! Happy writing :)

    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

  5. Hi there! Dropping by from the wormhole blogfest. So lovely to meet you! I love all those pictures. And I agree with Damyanti. You are so lucky!

  6. these pics are soooo pretty – love that chai tea latte picture! ive never been to coffee company but always wanted to go… these pictures made me REALLY happy!!

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