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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Currently reading / watching / listening to...


* Chi's Sweet Home volume 7 by Konami Kanata. This was my Valentine's gift. Actually, my boyfriend gives me a Chi book for every romantic occasion.

* Don't Eat Cat by Jess Walter. Ok, I admit. It's the word 'cat' in the title that got me reading this. But this is actually a zombie story. And a very funny one for that matter. I mean, where else can you find cat eating zombies (we should call them people with hypo-endocrinal thyro-encephalitis) that work for Starbucks?


The Take (2009). This British mini-series is hardly seen outside of Britain, but it was sooooo good. Brilliant performances (especially Tom Hardy), criminals that are both terrifying and touching and a shocking surprise at the end of each episode. Loved it.

* Antiviral (2012). David Cronenberg's son imitates his father with this one: extremely clinical, both in style and theme (it's a futuristic story about people who infect themselves with celebrities' diseases). 

Brainstorm (1983). Fascinating cult classic about two scientists who have developed a system of recording and playing back actual experiences of people.

Surveillance (2008). What to say about a movie that depends solely on unexpected twists, but is completely predictable?

The Bait (2012). This shark in a flooded supermarket film isn't exactly as entertaining as I wanted it to be. Let's hope that Spiders 3D and Big Ass Spider will make up for this.

Chariots Of The Gods (1970). Nostalgia. I used to love Erich Von Däniken's documentary and books as a kid. Funny how much it resembles the recent Ancient Aliens documentaries.

* Ancient Aliens Debunked (2012). Talking about Ancient Aliens... This is a three hour long follow-up of the series that debunks most of the 'facts' and theories that are presented in Ancient Aliens. Interesting.

The Master (2012). Well-made, but the movie repeats itself too much. Good performances though.

Listening to:

Some of the music I've been listening to lately include Alex Gopher and Xavier Jamaux' soundtrack for the Hong Kong movie Motorway, the soundtrack of Cat People and Wunderkammer from The Dead Brothers. Chances are we'll be using their song Am I To Be The One for the end credits of GPS With Benefits. You have to admit that both the lyrics and sound of that song are PERFECT for the story.

What are you currently reading, watching and listening to?


  1. Mmm, from all the above I know only about Chi, and I think it's a cute series :) but the Take you mention sounds interesting too, so I should check it.
    I'm currently reading Big red tequilla by Rick Riordan and 12 days/Young 80 by Marjie Mayers, and I'm watching Stargate SG1. And listening whatever is on the radio :)
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  2. I have heard great things about The Take. I need to order this on Amazon!!

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  4. "Scarlet" - right now, trying. abrennan09@hotmail.com

  5. I am currently inbetween books right now..about to read revamped I think...watching game of thrones season 1
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  6. Currently watching Bones, reading The Caster Chronicles, listening to 10 years!
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  7. not reading anything now, watching Adele, listening to Coldplay


  8. Thank you for participating in the fun. Right now in the background while hopping around is NCIS mini marathon and I am currently reading Walk Away With Me by Darby Davenport, which is a sweet romance. Just finished The First Days by Rhiannon Frater, which was an awesome zombie apocalypse read :) I follow GFC, Facebook, G+, and Pinterest Denise Zaky.

  9. Congrats for the film release! Here from the weekend showcase and wish you continued success. BB2U

  10. I'm not reading much these days. But lately I've been listening to Bon Jovi and Pink and currently watching American Idol and Survivor!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  11. Currently reading the 3rd book of Caster Chronicles.
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  12. I haven't heard of any of the music/books/shows that you are currently enjoying:) I am reading Rachel Caine's Last Breath, watching Teen Wolf the series, and listening to alternative groups like Blue October and Muse.

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  13. Thanks for sharing Vanessa! I’m reading “My Upmost for His Highest” and “The Purpose-Driven Life” right now but “Purpose” is ending soon and I was looking for new ideas! The ones you’re reading sound awesome.

  14. I’m a Jesus Calling reader, such a great devo, always speaks right to my heart!

  15. watching bob's burgers, reading the book thief, and listening to everything! : ) eclairre(AT)ymail(DOT)com

  16. I want to read Don't Eat Cat! (because of the word 'cat' too :-)

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  17. I love paranormal, supernatural books! Anything with a witch, a vampire, some time travel and I'm hooked! Probably my favorite books include "The Sookie Stackhouse Series." After all, you get pretty much every supernatural element you can think of in those books: vampires, mind-readers, fairies, werewolves, shifters, demons, goblins, etc. It's insane how many supernatural creatures Charlaine Harris can fit into her books. My favorite supernatural creature of all time in this series is Eric Northman. He's hard on the outside but totally soft on the inside. He's also a vampire and a complete badass. Another book series that I really love that has witches in it is called the "Poison Study Series" by Mary V Snyder. I've only read one of these, but have the second book already ordered. I love that people know that magic exists but that they try to hide it. Having magic is not a boon to you, it can actually cause you to be thrown out of the country! (Salem and Ireland, anyone??)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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  18. I just finished reading So Much Time, So Little Change, by Thomas Sullivan. I'll be starting to read Hidden Under Her Heart next.

  19. Right now I'm on book three of the Lux Series. And I am so loving this series!! It's one of those books that you just can't put down. It's definitely a page turner!! Thank you so much for a chance to win and for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!
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  20. I havent read nor seen any of the above books, movies and music :) lol..really this is the first time i heard about them.

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  21. I'm reading "A Mist of Prophecies," by Steven Saylor (it's great!). I'm watching "Dexter," and listening to Trigger Finger. :)
    I love hearing what other people are reading, watching & listening to! Gives me new ideas for what to choose next! :)

  22. I am reading the Lux series and Mindbenders. Watching Vampire Diaries and the Walking Dead. Don't listen to music except while driving. Thanks for joining the hop!
    Bonnie Hilligoss/bonhill(at)speakeasy(dot)net

  23. I'm reading Beastly: Lindy's Diary by Alex Flinn. I'm listening to Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I don't watch tv, and I'd prefer to listen to an audiobook than music.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  24. I was listening to some Joplin earlier :) set my mind and heart at ease. I just finished Imposter, and will be continuing The Still Point in the Turning World :)
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  25. I am currently reading Turn of the Screw. I have been switching back and forth between 4 cds: Leonard Cohen live in london, a dropkick murphys cd, Tori Amos's Strange Little Girls and a Voltaire cd. As I am writing this, I am watching a rerun of Psych.

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