Celluloid Diaries: Vampire cocktail recipe

Monday, May 13, 2019

Vampire cocktail recipe

vampiro cocktail recipe

Did you know that in Mexico, there's a spicy cocktail called El Vampiro? It's the ideal drink to celebrate the release of Strange Blood: 71 Essays on Offbeat and Underrated Vampire Movies, so here's the recipe for one drink:

2 shots tequila
1 shot tomato juice (or pomegranate juice)
1 shot orange juice
1/2 shot lime juice
7 drops hot pepper sauce
1 pinch salt
1 grind black pepper

Mix all the ingredients with ice. Shake well. Enjoy.

vampire cocktail

About Strange Blood: 71 Essays on Offbeat and Underrated Vampire Movies:

An overview of the most offbeat and unique vampire movies spanning nine decades and 23 countries.

Strange Blood encompasses well-known hits as well as obscurities that differ from your standard fang fare by turning genre conventions on their head. Forget about Dracula and sparkling vampires. Here, they come in the form of cars, pets, aliens, mechanical objects, gorillas, and floating heads. And when they do look like a demonic monster or an aristocratic Count or Countess, they break the mold in terms of imagery, style, or setting.

Leading horror writers, filmmakers, actors, distributors, academics, and festival programmers present their favorite vampire films through in-depth essays, providing background information, analysis, and trivia regarding the various films. Some of these stories are hilarious, some are terrifying, some are touching, and some are just plain weird. Not all of these movies line up with the critical consensus, yet they have one thing in common: they are unlike anything you've ever seen in the world of vampires.

Just when you thought that the children of the night had become a tired trope, it turns out they have quite a diverse inventory after all.

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  1. Hi Vanessa - the cocktail looks delicious ... and I'm sure your vampire stories will be an excellent read - so all the best with the release - cheers Hilary

  2. I haven't heard of this drink yet but thanks for informing me. It sounds like it would be tasty, spicy, and maybe even something you'd drink to remedy a hangover just like bloody marys because of the tomato juice. Thanks for sharing it with us at #OMGHWW

  3. Oooh you got me at the tequila, sadly the tequila got me last night lol #pocolo

  4. Very nice. Sounds like a great drink. #PoCoLo