Celluloid Diaries: Eight twisted movie recommendations

Friday, April 28, 2017

Eight twisted movie recommendations

twisted movie recommendations

I almost missed out on Norbert Keil's twisted movie Replace. I'd been seeing several films in a row already that day at BIFFF, and though Replace was on my list of movies to watch, I wasn't in the mood to jump into another screening without a break. I decided to give the film a try a second before it started, and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the 35th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

Several days later, Norbert and I met over a game of Story Cubes, and I asked him if he wanted to share movie recommendations on Celluloid Diaries. This week, he emailed me with eight recommendations for a twisted night at the movies, some of which were undoubtedly influences for his own twisted little film (there's definitely a David Cronenberg/Herbert West vibe to it).

Replace tells the story of Kira, whose skin shrivels up due to extreme ageing. When she discovers she can replace her skin with somebody else's, the question arises whether she'll kill to remain her youthful look or if she'll let her body wither away.

The film was co-written with Richard Stanley and stars Rebecca Forsythe, Lucy Aron and Barbara Crampton.

Crash (David Cronenberg)

Possession (Andrzej Żuławski)

Mother (Bong Joon-ho)

Eraserhead (David Lynch)

Kairo (Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

Take Shelter (Jeff Nichols)

Basket Case (Frank Henenlotter)

Re-animator (Stuart Gordon)

Replace movie trailer

night at the movies
basket case frank henenlotter
crash david cronenberg
david lynch fire walk with me
kairo kyoshi kurosawa
mother bong joon-ho
possession zulawski
pulse kyoshi kurosawa
re-animator stuart gordon
take shelter


  1. Mmm, some great movies in this list.

  2. I know Re-animator. Great movie! Replace looks good to. What a picture - creepy!

  3. You've brought back some great memories with Basket Case and Re-animator. :)

  4. They look like great movies! Ooo, the poster for Replace looks awesome too.

  5. carried back some extraordinary recollections with Basket Case and Re-illustrator.

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