Celluloid Diaries: Exploring Brussels with Books

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Exploring Brussels with Books

monument everard serclaes brussels

Travel blogger Ingrid Dendievel from Road Tripping Europe photographed Avalon and Drowned Sorrow against the backdrop of famous Brussels' attractions. Here are some of her pictures. To see the full, original post, visit: Exploring Brussels with a Horror Writer. Enjoy!

brussels monument everard 't serclaes

The "Monument aan Everard 't Serclaes" sits near the Grande Place. Legend has it that when you rub the statue, it will bring you good luck.

sint katelijneplein brussels

Sint-Katelijneplein is one of Ingrid's favorite places in Brussels. It's also where the yearly Christmas market takes place.

brussels manneken pis
brussels beehouwersstraat restaurants
brussels beehouwersstraat

The restaurants of the Beenhouwersstraat draw many tourists... and cats.

brussels grasmarkt charles buls

The Grasmarkt is a small square near La Grande Place. The statue of Charles Bules turned out to be a nice resting place for Avalon.

tropismes brussels

Ingrid describes the bookshop Tropismes as "a bookshop with grandeur," as the ceiling is a work of art. Can you spot Avalon in the selection of books?

brussels le cerceuil
le cerceuil brussels

Le Cerceuil is French for The Coffin. It's a dark café where you sit around coffins and drink beer and cocktails out of skulls. A perfect place to photograph a supernatural thriller such as Drowned Sorrow.

Have you ever explored Brussels? What are your favorite places and attractions?


  1. How fun! Charles looks regal holding Avalon.

  2. I never have, I live in the states and I've only made it as far as Ireland. I would love to take that trip!

  3. The Charles Bules statue photo is great!

  4. Wow, great photos!!! I love how you did everything!

  5. Most places I recognise. Favs in Brussels? Hard to say. I like St Catherine's. The market place.

  6. I've never seen books displayed in quite that way!
    Thanks for joining the party at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/10/playing-with-photoshop.html

  7. Beautiful photos, Vanessa! And I did see your book immediately! It has the loveliest cover of all of them. :)

  8. I have never been to Brussels- but what fun pictures. How exciting to have your book all over the place there! :)

  9. I am so happy to get to your page on which I can leave a comment I am not a member of G+ so I could not comment there. However, I found you here and thank you so very much for visiting Katie Isabella. We appreciated the well wishes as she was very ill. xo

  10. So this week we get traveling cat on a book cover. Epic! Never been to Brussels but I hope to one day. Saving up my pennies.

  11. Never been to Brussels, but it does seem to be an excellent place to visit!

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