Celluloid Diaries: BIFFF 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

BIFFF 2014

I'll be hosting several Q&A sessions with filmmakers and actors at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) this year. Check out my schedule below. I hope you'll come by if you have the chance.

The Apostles

Joe Chien (Zombie 108) returns to BIFFF on April 9 to present The Apostles, a horror film about a writer who suffers from nightmares and occasional memory loss.

The Apostles Joe Chien

Aux Yeux des Vivants

French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury will be at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) on April 10 to talk about their new horror movie Aux Yeux des Vivants. They will be accompanied by actress Béatrice Dalle and producer Fabrice Lambot.

Patch Town

Also on April 10, I'll be hosting a Q&A with director Craig Goodwill about his film Patch Town, the story about the life of a forsaken toy.


Axelle Carolyn will present her first feature film, the ghost movie Soulmate, on April 11. Horror fans might also know Axelle from her horror reference work It Lives Again! Horror Movies In The New Millennium.

Soulmate Axelle Carolyn

Goal Of The Dead

It's not the hooligans you have to be afraid of. It's the zombies. Directors Benjamin Rocher and Thierry Poiraud will talk about their zombie Goal of the Dead film during the Q&A on April 12.


Willow Creek: In Search Of Bigfoot

American comedian Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy) will be at BIFFF on April 14 to talk about Willow Creek, a documentary / found footage horror in which he goes searching for Bigfoot. And, of course, we'll explore the different theories about this mysterious creature as well.

The Pool

Last, on April 16, I'll be hosting a Q&A with director Chris W. Mitchell and producer Jan Doense about The Pool, a Dutch horror movie about a lake in the middle of the woods, a bunch of campers, and a mysterious force that won't let them go.


  1. Bobcat Goldthwait and Bigfoot found footage - two things that I never would've put together in a film!

  2. I've always had a soft spot for Bobcat Goldthwait and am glad he's getting so much respect these days for his independent films.

  3. (^‿^)❀

    Bonjour et MERCI pour ce partage cinématographique chère Vanessa :)

    Le film "aux yeux des vivants" me donne des frissons dans le dos ... mais j'irais bien le voir ! :)

    Encore merci à toi pour ces vidéos !!!

    GROS BISOUS d'Asie
    et bonne journée

  4. Oh, some interesting things coming up there. And you have a new book due out. Exciting stuff! Do let me know if I can host anything for you (your choice!). :) X


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  6. All look excellent! Willow Creek has my interest!

  7. These look good. I'm sure the Q&A will be fantastic.

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  9. These sound like fun flicks.

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