Celluloid Diaries: Life lately - New Year, Spa, restaurants, beautea, and lattes

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life lately - New Year, Spa, restaurants, beautea, and lattes

Le Pain Quotidien
Spa Thermes
Spa New Year's Eve
Hotel Spa Balmoral
Spa Belgium
pumpkin ravioli
Beautea + Greek meze
1/ Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. 2/ Drawing my aunt and uncle's dog Candice. 3/ Spending the last day of 2013 at the Thermes de Spa. 4/ Lattes made with the milk frother I got for New Year's (the present almost got lost when we changed rooms in our hotel, but that's another story). 5/ to 7/ Celebrating New Year at Hotel Spa Balmoral. 8/ to 10/ Walking around Spa. 11/ to 12/ Pumpkin ravioli. 13/ A press day for the new tea and cosmetics brand Beautea. 14/ Celebrating my grandmother's 84th birthday by ordering Greek Meze for two.


  1. It would be cool to explore that Belgium town.
    Now I'm hungry...

  2. Bringing in the New Year at a hotel spa -- how lovely! And that pumpkin ravioli looks SO good!

  3. I want to cozy up to that fireplace right about now.

  4. Er is hier behoorlijk wat gefeest! Proficiat met al die verjaardagen enz. Die koffie ziet er bekoorlijk uit en sommige van die schotels, daar zou ik ook niet neen tegen zeggen!

  5. love the pics, especially the food ones :)

  6. The spas look lovely! I like the idea of an "energetic" tea! I bet the Greek Meze was excellent. I'm very fond of Egyptian mezza, too -- a little bit of everything (but not seafood). Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Pumpkin ravioli? What did it taste like?

    Beautiful photos. Are you on Pinterest?

  8. I love your "life in pictures"... especially the doggie sketch (wish I could draw...) and the frothy beverage...
    I love a good cappuccino (which can be difficult to find)... and a spa visit is the ultimate in self-indulgence...
    Writer In Transit

  9. Love the pictures! Great stuff!!!! Happy Birthday to Grandma ;o) Excellent food ;o) Yummy!

  10. Gorgeous pictures and now my mouth's watering. Lovely NY and best wishes to Grandma. :)


  11. Awesome! The pumpkin ravioli look fabulous!

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