Celluloid Diaries: Goodbye, granddad

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goodbye, granddad

My grandfather passed away last night. He was like a second father to me, so there are no words to express my sadness.

He was the kindest person I knew; he never said bad things about others and he was always willing to help his family, friends and neighbors. Some of the happiest moments of my life I owe to him: the bedtime stories he told me about Laurel & Hardy when I was a kid; our travels to Mallorca, Tenerife, Spain and the Belgian seaside; the backyard barbecues, the visits to restaurants... I even have fond memories accompanying him to clients when he was an insurance broker. Every moment spent with my grandfather was a blessing and I miss him so much.


  1. What a sweet picture. My comfort goes to you during this time. :(

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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  3. Je suis certain que ton grand-père était extrêmement fier de sa petite-fille. Il aurait certainement voulu t'accompagner encore un peu... mais la vie est comme une pièce de théâtre, et son rôle était terminé. Toutes mes condoléances, Vanessa.

  4. It's but a small comfort, if one at all, but I'm glad I was able to meet your grandpa, earlier this year. He seemed indeed a very kind man and I felt a lot of love between you. My sincere condolences.

  5. sorry to hear this, my best to you and your family...

  6. I'm so sorry. My best to you and your family. ::hug::

  7. Oh geez, Vanessa, I'm so sorry. Sending positive love and vibes your way! Take it easy for awhile!

  8. I'm so sorry about your grandfather, Vanessa. May he Rest in Peace. All my condolences to you and your family.