Celluloid Diaries: Blog tour schedule for A Good Man

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog tour schedule for A Good Man

Book Blog Tour
For over 90 days and on over 100 blogs, I will be posting exclusive excerpts, book giveaways, character interviews, quizzes, fun guest posts, and so much more to promote the release of A Good Man. If you're a blogger who wants to join the tour, please email for more details eeriestories75 (at) gmail (dot) com.

APRIL 2012

April 15

Aobibliosphere (book release announcement and giveaway)

Zombies Everywhere (book release announcement)

Sweeping Me (guest post and giveaway)

Deborah's Books (author interview and giveaway)

Kipp Poe's Blog (review)

April 16

Eva's Sanctuary (book release announcement)

Gnostalgia (review)

Attention Earthlings (review)

April 18

Memoirs Of A Scream Queen (book release announcement)

Holly's Horror Land (guest post)

Children Of The 90s (guest post)

April 21

Tears Of Crimson (book release announcement)

The Howling Turtle (book release announcement)

April 22

I Aim To Misbehave (book release announcement)

Books Are Magic (book release announcement)

April 23

Charisma Media Network (author interview and giveaway)

Love, Literature, Art, and Reason (review)

Freebies Galore And Giveaways Too (excerpt and giveaway)

The Daily Bookmark (excerpt and giveaway)

April 24

Stressed Rach (review and giveaway)

Musings Of A Writing Reader (book release announcement)

Love, Literature, Art, and Reason (giveaway)

Kathryn's Inbox (review)

April 25

Beauty Brite (excerpt and giveaway)

Vampires.com (book release announcement)

Vampire News (book release announcement)

April 26

Jenn's Review Blog (excerpt and giveaway)

Nicki J. Markus (book release announcement)

I Am To Misbehave (review)

Not This Time, Nayland Smith (review)

April 27

My Cozie Corner (review and giveaway)

April 28

Blondiez Babbles (review and giveaway)

April 29

Adventures Of A Frugal Mom (giveaway)

April 30

Kathryn's Inbox (author interview)

MAY 2012

May 1

Booked Up (author interview and giveaway)

Buried (book release announcement)

May 2

Coffee Addicted Writer (book release announcement and excerpt)

Writing My Own Fairytale (guest post)

In Between The Pages (book release announcement)

The Girl With The Green Shovel (book release announcement)

May 3

Book Bags And Cat Naps (guest post)

Venture Galleries (book release announcement)

Kelsey's Book Corner (guest post and excerpt)

The Horror Hotel (guest post)

Horror Society (book release announcement)

May 4

Words In Sync (author interview)

Reena Jacobs (guest post and excerpt)

May 5

BGG After Dark Film and TV Magazine (book release announcement)

May 6

Ruby's Books (guest post)

Geeky Girl Reviews (review)

May 8

The eBook Reviewer (giveaway)

Totally Neevie (author interview)

May 9

From The Shadows (giveaway)

Patch Of Sky (author interview)

Suko's Notebook (author interview)

Tales From An Unlikely Mother (author interview)

May 10

Grandma To Twins Plus One (book release announcement)

May 12

Reading To Penguins (review)

May 16

Midnyte Reader (author interview)

May 17

Grandma To Twins Plus One (author interview)

Book Spot (author interview)

Beagle Book Space (review)

May 18

Rita's Reviews (review)

May 20

Book Cover Justice (excerpt)

Igor's Lab (book release announcement)

Chris Rennirt (book release announcement)

Space Jockey Reviews (book release announcement)

May 21

Book Cover Justice (review and giveaway)

Cinematic Shocks (book release announcement)

May 26

Fairy Tale Reviews (review and giveaway)

May 27

Adventures Of A Frugal Mom (review and giveaway)

May 31

A Reading Daydreamer (excerpt)

JUNE 2012

June 1

Jenn's Review Blog (review and giveaway)

June 5

Promote Horror (book release announcement)

June 8

To Read Or Not To Read (character interview)

June 12

Tribute Books (author interview)

Igor's Lab (author interview)

June 15

The Character Connection (author interview)

City Girl Who Loves To Read (author interview)

June 16

Fairy Tale Reviews (review and giveaway)

June 17

Blondiez Babbles (review and giveaway)

June 18

Stressed Rach (review and giveaway)

June 19

Because Mommy Says So (review and giveaway)

Adventures Of A Frugal Mom (giveaway)

June 20

Cozie Corner (review and giveaway)

June 21

Sweet Silly Sara (review and giveaway)

Eva's Sanctuary (author interview)

June 22

Jenn's Review Blog (review and giveaway)

June 26

Bonnie Harris (character interview)

June 29

Bonnie Gets A Say (giveaway)

Gustosa Giveaways (giveaway)

June 30

Mommy Adventures With Ravina (review)

JULY 2012

July 2

Cosy Travels (author feature)

Live To Read (guest post and giveaway)

July 4

Cosy Travels (guest post)

July 14

Life After Undeath (review)

July 18

Book Sniffers Anonymous (guest post)

July 20

Me and Books (trivia quiz and giveaway)

July 24

Rachelle's Window (author interview)

Wanted Readers (trivia quiz and giveaway)

July 26

Writer's Block Party (book feature and giveaway)

Book-Aklat-Libro (author interview)

July 30

Moviepulp (release announcement)


August 1

Dark Obsession Chronicles (author spotlight)

August 8

Nette's Bookshelf Reviews (author spotlight)

August 9

Tifferz Book Review (trivia quiz and giveaway)

August 16

Earth's Book Nook (author interview)

August 19

Independent Paranormal (book of the day)

August 30

Independent Paranormal (author interview)

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  1. It must be so much fun writing books! I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  2. As a lover of all things vampire, Dexter and American Psycho, this book sounds like a perfect fit!

  3. I haven’t come across your work but I would be interested in reading A Good Man to see if it could replace my favorite vampire book – Fevre Dream

  4. I haven’t come across your work but I would be interested in reading A Good Man to see if it could replace my favorite vampire book – Fevre Dream

  5. Hey there I am your newest follower on your blog site would love for you to follow me back :) and also check out my facebook fan page on my site as well as following me on twitter thanks so much for your support also if you can grab my badge to help get me more followers thanks have a great weekend :)


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  7. oooh wow congratulations!! so exciting :)

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