Celluloid Diaries: Life lately

Monday, June 3, 2013

Life lately

Roquefort salad
The Deli Brussels
Restaurant Hemisphere
Beehouwersstraat Orval beer
Nieuwvliet Bad
Knokke Bouillon

Life lately has been pretty good as you can see, with lots of good food and time spent on the beach. From left to right, top to bottom: (1) Roquefort salad for lunch at a seafront restaurant, (2) Walk on the beach of Knokke, (3) and (4) Lunch with my boyfriend at The Deli in Brussels, (5) and (6) Lunch with my parents in law at l'Hémisphère in Brussels, (7) and (8) An afternoon at Bruparck with my sister, followed by a screening of Evil Dead, (9) My boyfriend's neighborhood, (10) Icecream made from Orval beer, (11) Lunch at The Windsor in Bouillon, (12) Visiting Niewvliet Bad in the Netherlands, (13) A day in Knokke, (14) Visiting Bouillon.

P.S. I've been on an urbex trip this past weekend. I'll be updating soon with some fascinating photos.

What were the highlights of your life lately?


  1. Lovely photographs! I am stopping from blog hop and new follower. See you around :)

  2. Looks like it was an amazing few weeks!

    I worked a lot these past few weeks and spent time with the people that mean the most to me, my family and friends. Nothing I love more.

  3. Picture-perfect weeks. I’m glad you enjoyed them. There really is nothing like taking a step away from city life for a few days…
    And PS: That roquefort salad looks so delicious!

  4. Great photos! Looks like you had a nice time. Im a new fan.:)

  5. So cute. Love this series.

  6. I'm really hungry right now, your pictures are killing me!
    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  7. Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now as a youg photographer starting out, and I adore all your posts with all the pictures! It’s exactly what I imagine doing as I grow up, taking pictures of everything and documenting these moments so they’ll never be forgotten.

  8. Hi again, Vanessa! I'm totally loving your photos and your blog, so call me a new fan! Looking forward to following your adventures. :) Happy belated birthday, by the way! Hope it was wonderful.

    Highlights of my own: My birthday is next week (I'm turning 21!), it's finally summer (which means more time for me to blog and write), the weather is beautiful and the "Man of Steel" the movie is coming out in America this week. Also, this blog hop has been such a great way to meet new writers, book lovers and creative folk in between. Glad I found you!

    ~Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel

  9. The food looks amazing

  10. mmm i love food pics hahah!
    thanks for linking up wit us!
    newest follower :)

    laurie brotherton

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