Celluloid Diaries: Screenplay reviews for A Good Man / Un homme bien

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Screenplay reviews for A Good Man / Un homme bien

A Good Man

"A Good Man is a tasty little morsel that will stick with you for some time. Vanessa Morgan's vampires are different, very different. Karma, vampires, life, philosophy, I was hooked from the start. Excellent story; my mind's eye can still see the final scene as I write this post. I highly recommend A Good Man."

Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

"A Good Man is captivating, thought provoking, and it makes you wonder if we really know our friends. And of course, it makes us wonder if Louis is a good man and what a good man really is. This story makes you ponder the nature of good and evil and the nature of man, despite the fact that Louis is a vampire. He's refreshingly very human. Louis has definite similarities to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, which is great. I'd love to see this story unfold on screen. The character of Madame Renaud reminds us how some of us are more obvious than others, but that we are all dishonest in some fashion, Louis especially. This story also makes you think about how what you do causes a ripple effect, whether you mean to impact the lives of others or not. Whether negative or positive, your effect on others means you matter. This was one of those stories that was deeper than the surface."

Kipp Poe's Blog

"A Good Man is very engrossing. I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. Great characters that Vanessa brings to life and that will make a great film. I give it a fun five star rating."

Kathryn's Inbox

"A Good Man, which is currently in pre-production with Radowski Films, tells the story of a man who became a vampire late in life and is now forced to suffer eternity in the body of a fifty-five year old man that comes complete with arthritis and wrinkles. To atone for the fact that he must murder others to stay alive (if he stops drinking blood, he will be forced to spend eternity as a plant), he does his best to be a good man in other areas of his life - his diet is strictly vegetarian, he donates the clothes of the people he murders to the homeless and at one point, he even adopts the beloved cat of one of his victims. Sadly, his attempts at doing the right thing often come unstuck, with tragic and occasionally comical results. I thought A Good Man was an excellent screenplay with a fantastic blend of comedy and horror. Highly recommended."

Geeky Girl Reviews

"I do not usually read screenplays, but I am so glad I accepted to review A Good Man. I got sucked into this story from the very beginning and I easily imagined each scene and character. Very well written and easy to follow. I recommend this to horror fans."

Beagle Book Space

"A Good Man is definitely a thought provoking read as the reader is challenged to either like or loathe Louis and the things he does. Even though Louis is a vampire he has very clear human tendencies as well which adds to the uniqueness of this story and his character. During this story, you do see that Louis is 'a good man' in certain respects, such as through his loyalty to his friends, his love for animals and the struggles he faces while participating in his support group. But, then you see the evil side of Louis when he finds himself in a provoking situation and this is where the reader is challenged to decide whether Louis' actions were acceptable or not given the type of being he is. Overall, I really enjoyed the story (...). I definitely can't wait to see how this screenplay transfers onto television and will certainly be looking out for its release."

Stressed Rach

"I really did like it, thinking the vampire would get caught for all the suspicious things he was doing. I thought A Good Man was very well written and the story reeled out perfectly. It was sad at times and did choke me up in places, but this just goes to prove how good the story was."

I Aim To Misbehave

"From the first page, I was amazed how easily I could vision each scene. I had such a strong connection to Louis. I loved this screenplay from the start. It was humorous throughout, yet deadly serious when needed to be."

My Cozie Corner

"I found the screenplay to be very captivating as Vanessa brings to life all the characters. And with just enough mundane everyday movements of mortals to keep you interested, Vanessa then throws in the violence and suggested violence which keeps you hooked waiting to see what will happen next. I would give this a 5 star rating."

Not This Time, Nayland Smith

"This is a great story! The characters are well-written, the comedic moments are funny, and as for the story, it goes from humour to being very dark, and it segues from tone to tone seamlessly, eventually culminating in a great ending. The story also has some dramatic moments, that are all handled very well. As for the negatives, I honestly can't think of any. A Good Man is a great story and is well worth the read!"

Attention Earthlings

"Are you sick and tired of sparkling vampires with teenage angst? Would you like to try out something different? If you answered yes, I think A Good Man may be something for you."

Book Cover Justice

"Louis was an interesting character. A vampire who wants to do good? Not very common. He really seemed to care for his friends and wanted what was best for them. Did he always make the best decisions? Of course not, but he definitely struggled with his choices. The best part of the screenplay was the writing. Each new scene is set up at the beginning to give you a clear view of the character's surroundings. Once the scene is set, you can fully concentrate on the dialogue and immerse yourself into the story. The story is believable, which is a huge thing for me when I'm reading about something paranormal (vampires, werewolves, angels, ...), and I enjoyed the interaction between characters."

Adventures Of A Frugal Mom

"I loved how Morgan did not romanticize Louis like so many others these days have done with vampires. Yes, he has a normal side, but yet there is still something dark lying underneath the service. If you are looking for a vampire inspired screenplay, then this is the one for you."

Mommy Adventures With Ravina

"The concept was absolutely unique and I loved this script."

Eva's Sanctuary

"The storyline is easy to follow and flows well. The author made an interesting twist on the vampire and his life. There are numerous characters that come to life in the story and if the screenplay is followed once on the screen, it will make for an interesting and moving story. If you are into vampires or just like a good story, I highly recommend it."

Jenn's Review Blog

"This was a very interesting vampire tale and something that I would have great interest in actually seeing played out on a stage."

Life After Undeath

"If you're a fan of vampire movies that have something between the ears in addition to whatever is between its teeth, then an upcoming film titled A Good Man (Un homme bien) might be right up your alley. Based on a screenplay by Vanessa Morgan, A Good Man tells the tale of a vampire named Louis. Louis is a nice guy. In fact, he's downright hippy-like in his concern for the environment and love for mankind. Unfortunately his love for mankind doesn't stop with altruism. See, Louis is the kind of guy who occasionally feeds the homeless, and occasionally eats them instead. We were lucky enough to obtain a copy of Ms Morgan's script for review and really liked the concept. One of the central themes is the nature of good and evil and whether a person can fight or change their own nature. This could turn into a gem of a movie, comparable to classy vampire movies like Thirst."

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  1. I love American Psycho so I think that I would really love to watch this, damn it sounds awesome, thanks for sharing this.

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  3. Fifty five and stuck like that forever. If he doesn't eat he turns into a plant?! He is a reminder of Bateman! Wow what a combination!

  4. You know how there's a throwaway line in one of the Harry Potter books about "people aren't just divided into good people and Death Eaters"? I use that line a lot. Most people are somewhere in the middle...

  5. The character sounds a very complex person. I love that.

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  6. I would love to win a copy of this book! I like books that explore good and evil because I think anyone might be capable of both given the right circumstances!

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  7. I love that this is a different take on the usual vampire story. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  8. I am ready for a different kind of vamp. I love my sexy vamps, but sometimes you need the original!

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  11. I love that it is a Vampire story.

  12. Sounds very thought provoking!

  13. the whole thing sounds interesting. interested in seeing how the vampires are different

  14. Love the story of this book quite interesting and keeps you in suspense, I'd love to see it on screen too :)

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