Celluloid Diaries: Best Places To Write

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Places To Write

best places to write

The best places to write are warm and cozy and there is always a hot drink and some food around. Here are some of my favorite spots...

Hotel lobby or bar

Hotel lobbies and bars are irresistible writing spots. Maybe it is the din from the other hotel guests, maybe it is the jazzy sounds in the background, or maybe it is the feeling that I am on holiday that makes this one of the best places to write.

Warm bed

There is hardly anything better on a cold winter night than writing in bed, keeping the chill at bay with a warm cat, a giant cup of hot tea, extra blankets, and a radiator on maximum heat.


Once the cold has shifted into shimmering hot days, I exchange my bed for an outdoor writing place. As long as it is comfortable, almost anything will do - a garden, a terrace, the park. I often write in the company of another writer and the day almost always ends with a barbecue or a dinner in a restaurant.

Nighttime terrace

The still late-evening air lends itself perfectly for writing outside. One of the best places to do so is on the terrace of a favorite bar. A glass of wine and a portion of marinated olives next to me, the smell of fresh herbs and garlic coming from a nearby kitchen… I can sit and work for hours in a place like this.

Near the fireplace

My grandparents have a huge fireplace in their living room. You can not imagine how hot it can be near such a thing and that is exactly why I like it. There is always a glass of red wine around and a home-cooked meal for when I stop writing.

For more favorite reading and writing spots, go to my guest post over at Crazy Bookworm.

What are your favorite places to write?


  1. The only place I write is in my office! I need a lap top, because now I want to try all these places. I suppose I could try pen and paper....
    New follower from Friday blog hop.

  2. Great places! My preferred spots are my couch or (when it's nice out) my covered porch. Although I will admit my bed sees some writing action from time to time. :)

  3. When I write, I find that it's easier with pen and paper rather than a computer - pen and paper offer less procrastination, whenever I'm on the computer I always get sidetracked with other stuff, and I never get anything done.

  4. I love to write outside in my serenity area. I love your places to write.

  5. Great choices! I prefer my little corner nook with my favorite things around me. Your friend from The Blog Entourage Blog Hop.

  6. Vanessa, I think you may not only be a cat cartoonist. I think you may be a CAT, judging by your love of warm, cozy spots.

  7. New follower via book blogs, thought I would say hi! Trev @ trevsliteraryreview.blogspot.com

  8. I like to blog at the table and listen to NPR while I type.

  9. I love the idea of writing in a hotel lobby. There a special energy from people traveling. But if I'm in public, I earphones to listen to music without words in order to focus.

  10. Great ways to get inspired. For me it is about de-cluttering if that is such a word. After doing a little house keeping, by the time I finish I have something in mind. A hot cup of tea, maybe a candle and absolutely some tranquil music, I'm ready. If I have too much of a 'new' thing going on around me some how the signals from my muse are blocked.

    Thank you for the invite Vanessa :)

  11. Hotel lobby? How interesting. What a cool idea.

  12. While I do certain types of work in a coffee shop, I do most of my writing in my office. Not so romantic, but most efficient for me. I use my iPad to read and surf in a more comfy chair. But I'd love to move to Costa Rica and write from my office on the beach!

  13. Along the windswept coast of Canada's Cape Breton Island, nestled between the sweet smelling pines and white birch, sits my little summer cottage gently tucked beneath the rolling hills of Margaree. As birds and crickets sang in tranquil harmony to the soft, trickling stream that runs through the property, accompanied by the faint but steady drone of the nearby Margaree River to help drown out life's distractions, I wrote my debut novel, DEAD HUNT.

    When a job opportunity pulled me away from my slice of Margaree paradise, I moved back to the Cape Breton coal mining town where I grew up. My house is only a few dozen feet from the Eastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean where I get to watch the most beautiful sunrises every morning. As the rolling waves crash over the rocks I can smell the sea and taste the salty spray in the air. I watch seagulls play and ducks dive beneath the current while a magestic Bald Eagle rules from his rocky perch that sits a stones throw away from my front door.

    My favorite places to write are all around me. People ask me why I use Cape Breton Island so much as the backdrop to my stories... how can I not?

  14. I have three places and all for different kinds of writing. My desk and computer for my "get something down" phase; my top deck for my "ruminate and shred ms." phase; my garden pond for my "carefully considered editing" phase. Moving around seems to help keep me motivated.

    Thanks for the invite to your party!

  15. Thanks for your lovely comment:) I also like to write in the hotel lobby and in my warm bedroom :) Writing in the hotel lobby makes me feel good as it keeps me on a holiday mood :) Sometimes I write in the lounge since it's closer to the kitchen and it's easier to get something to nibble :) I just followed your blog and don't hesitate to follow me back too :) Marj Travel Experiences:Design Fashion Travel Destinations

  16. Depends what I'm writing - if it's an article that I have to research I HAVE to be at my desk where I have two computers open - if it's fiction then I usually write at Starbucks ... BUT I agree that a hotel lobby is a great place too! Hope you can stop by soon.

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  19. Coffee shops and hotel lounge/bars are definitely good. A Barnes & Noble will do in a pinch...as will a McDonalds! Mostly, at home, on the couch, or at my desk. ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up with Makes My Monday!

  20. What a great topic for a post! One of my favorite places to sit and write is an old cemetery near by; it's peaceful, calming and inspiring. I also find myself driving to a local park to sit on a giant boulder in the sunshine, or a set of steps covered by a canopy of trees to write while the world goes on around me. In other moods, I'll go for a long drive, listen to music that is near deafeningly loud, then pull over and set my brain free.

    Thank you for offering us a peek at your writing world, and welcoming us to share a view of our own :}

  21. Love the post! I write where there's sunshine, too. Right now I'm writing in my dining room. I have an atrium in the center of my house, letting in lots of sunshine, and this is the brightest place. When I need to be around people, I write at a coffeehouse. I have several favorites in my area. And always, I love to have music playing when I write. So I'm sure to have my headphones in my purse ready to plug into my iPhone or laptop.

  22. Wow, it's like you picked up on my life writing. I write in all those places. I like the background noise of crowded places and the quiet solitude of my home or outdoor spaces!
    So glad you shared your process.
    Stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop!

  23. I prefer to write in my sun room with pots of coffee or chai tea. The light motivates me and the sun warms my Muse. I write there in all kinds of weather,though, sometimes writing a creepy scene on foggy mornings and a love scene when it's raining. I have two places to read: one is a rocking chair in my sun room and the other is an oversized cushy chair and ottoman by the fireplace.

    North Carolina Mystery Writer Susan Whitfield

  24. On my desk. :( I have no choice. that is where my computer is. But given a chance, I'd like to write it on a balcony overlooking a grassland with a touch of breeze on my face. :)

  25. That is a fabulous post. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your suggestions. In fact I may just have to crawl back into bed LOL. Stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop.


  26. Great post! My favourite place to write is laying in bed, snuggled under the covers! lol. I'm a new follower! Please feel free to check out my blog and follow back if you like :)


  27. Stopping by from the Alexa hop and following. My favorite place to blog is in bed, snuggled under a warm blanket.


  28. Stopping by from Thursdays Get Together Blog/fanpage hop. Congratulations on the two books!! I work on my blog in our home office.

  29. What a sweet post! Thanks for your comment! Lets follow each other?

  30. I'm hopeless at writing when I am out and about, I am too easily distracted and I also get really self conscious! Thank you for stopping by my blog and joining in 'Things I love Tuesday', I am now following you AND surprised to see that you have written two books in my absolute favourite genre... I know where to come when I need inspiration. I am about to add you to my blog roll, so you can guarantee I will be back for more :) Hazel

  31. Great post.... stopping by from the Friday hop... stop by www.fluffforthemindlessreader.blogspot.com and get a few laughs this weekend.

  32. They all sound so wonderfully cozy! Stopping by from a hop! Hope you have a great weekend! And just to let you know, the Sit and Relax hop is open now!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  33. Now I have yet another author to follow and "books to read" ...... especially since I am a big fan of your genre! And I have to say writing is NOT in my genes :)

    I'm stopping by from the Friendship Friday Blog Hop.

  34. Great post! I'm a new GFC follower from Friday Friend & Follow hop. I'd love it if you could follow me back!


  35. I agree about writing in bed with a cat -- we call them FTU's (Feline Thermal Units) :-)

    Visiting from Friendship Friday

  36. I love all of the places you described. I write at my computer desk. But I will try to be more adventurous. Found you on BPOTW.

  37. I love your blog, so cute! I hope we can follow each other :)

    My favourite place is on the couch with a cup of tea!

    Talitha xx

  38. these sound like lovely places to write :)
    i do my homework in a warm bed with the company of my cat, it's comfortable and i always manage to get my work done in my bed

  39. I need to write in places with background noise. I can't have complete silence. I need a big window. I need to be able to sit next to it. I guess it's not so much about location for me but the elements of it.

    Love the site!

  40. What great places to write! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loving your blog!:)

  41. I need to spend more time writing... but I am currently going through the worst writer's block.

    Andrea x

  42. Now my favorite place to relax and write is by the ocean! I supposed it's because I grew up on an island off the coast of Maine. The ocean is a special place to me! New follower from Tiggerific!

  43. Wow! A real, live published author!! You're famous!!

    Well, I'm THRILLED to have found your blog. And what a lovely post too. I love writing in my bed when I can. So snuggly and warm!!

    I've signed up to follow you!


  44. Good tips, i love to write in my bed, warmmmmm

    Love, May

  45. thank you lovely for the comment! it definitely made me laugh :)
    now following! hope you can follow my blog as well!


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  48. Stopping by from the Stop Drop Alexa Hop. I have always wanted to write, just never been able to.

  49. Hmmm...I love to write on my bed, by the beach, at my good old desk, on the porch of my home where I can view the comings and goings on my neighbourhood. The distant sounds relaxes me. :)


  50. I agree... nothing could really beat writing in a warm bed with a cat snuggled close! :) Great post!

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